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DESIGN ENGINEERING COMPANY-BURGAS is founded in 1948. Since the year of 2000 it has become joint stock company.

The organization is an unique center for:

  • research
  • design
  • experts, reviews, evaluations, supervision and technical control in the sphere of construction
  • exchange for design work, technical information, business relationships between all participants in the investment process.

The company has:

  • its own industrial-office building
  • technical facility for geological studies
  • continuously updated and licensed computer software in all workplaces
  • equipped tennis courts.

Company design team consists of 50 /fifty/ highly qualified architects, engineers and specialists with higher technical engineering education. Company is registered in "Chamber of Engineers in Investment Designing" () as Design Engineering Company- Burgas, in accordance s art.8, p.2 from ZKAIIP.
All designers are hired: full-time job upon Employment Contract. All designers are certified and fully entitled members of these bodies "Chamber of Architects"() "Chamber of Engineers in Investment Designing"() updated for year of 2011.

The company carries out a draft survey work in the entire cycle of the investment process:

  1. Detailed cadastral photos
  2. Geological studies
  3. Spatial solutions
  4. Conceptual, technical, operational projects:
    • Architecture
    • Building Structures
    • Powered internal, external installations
    • Water supply and sewarage
    • HVAC
    • Surveying
    • Utilities, landscaping architecture.

The main object of the company includes :

  • spatial planning of large urban areas
  • a construction decision areas and neighborhoods with a complex structural teriorialno-o shtridicheski status
  • residential buildings
  • schools, kindergardens
  • administrative and office buildings
  • industrial buildings
  • resorts with all the additional infrastructure for recreational
  • healthcare facilities
  • cadastral, layout plans, landscaping projects, digital models
  • development projects, landscaping and landscape design, construction of tube wells
  • geological and hydrogeological investigations, including drilling, water catchments
  • all types of investigation and design work on strengthening the landslide areas and coasts, subject to abrasion and geological studies - structural strengthening project - a project for development of territory
  • electrical networks, substations, nodal stations
  • water networks, pumping stations, reservoirs for drinking water, sewage pumping stations
  • heating networks and local stations